How to Makeover Your Home on a Budget

When decorating or renovating your home on a budget, many struggle to find a place to start and settle on what the best affordable décor should offer. Finding the time to also decorate a home can become a challenge in our busy modern-day lifestyles. Many small changes around the home such as choosing the right brand of paint, swapping tiles for panels and purchasing wood effect vinyl, help to give the effect of pure luxury and quality – with a small price tag. Here is our take on renovating each communal room in the house…


Re-floor with vinyl that can make your kitchen cleaner and more spacious. Colours such as slate grey and black are easier to clean, while adding the feeling of space to a kitchen. Monochrome vinyl prints are currently in fashion.

Fitting your own kitchen yourself is a great way to save on costs and allows you to splash out a little on worktops that suit your lifestyle, whether that’s a harder wearing wood or a sleek and elegant marble. If you cannot afford to change your worktops, changing your sink and tiles is cheaper and even quicker.

Swapping an old plastic sink for a more modern, compact metal sink with simple taps, is low cost and helps to add shine and a more modern feel. You can also buy specialised tile paint to change the colour of you worn tiles. Simply repainting them white, or changing the colour completely, can really help a kitchen become more inviting and homely.

Living Room

Having laminate-effect vinyl instead of shelling out for real laminate will save your hard-earned cash as well as being scratch and stain-resistant. Laminate vinyl is relatively low cost and hard wearing. Which makes it ideal for busier rooms of the house such as the living room, hallway and kitchen. A simple lick of paint can help to brighten up a darkened living room, especially when the home has darker coloured furnishings.

If feature walls are your thing, shop for wallpapers in smaller high street shops. The cost of one roll of wallpaper can be as little as £5 when looking around the right places. You may even consider painting a feature wall instead of papering. There is less equipment needed and it can easily be touched up if it becomes marked or damaged in some way.


When choosing your bath, toilet and sink, it may be cheaper to buy the suite together on websites such as Victoria Pluming and Soak. Many may also fit them for a small fee, which is usually cheaper than a call-in plumber. Bathroom panels are all the rage now, as they are cheaper and easier to maintain than tiling.

Bathroom wall panels come in a range of different finishes, from glass-like acrylic to authentic synchronised textures. One of the many benefits of panels is that they help to control damp, mould and condensation, which can often be found in/around tiles.

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