Benefits of Potted Plants

Growing your favorite herbs, flowers and vegetables has never been easier! If your main worry is space-related, container gardening is your best choice. Gone are the days where you needed long backyards and magic soil to grow your plants: now every space can become a greenhouse with the right techniques and a lot of love. Don’t keep yourself from the satisfaction of watching your beloved seeds grow into vitamins and colors. Turn your doorstep, balcony or back porch into your next garden space by learning how to master the art of container gardens and consider all of the benefits of having your own green space under your roof.

Cost Savings

Planting a small amount of whatever you chose is a great way to start gardening without taking too much risks, getting a big effect on your household while spending just a little bit. Buying one pack of seeds is going to cost you a few bucks and will be enough to split in several pots. Plant some colorful flowers like petunias or Browallias, wait a few weeks and enjoy the show of fresh blooming masses for only pennies. You can also get really creative with the pots, making unique spaces for almost nothing. Revamp a wooden box, kettle or garden cart and use it for plants, as well as bottles and old tires. You can place several types of plants or just display them individually according to the size of the pot.


Plants in containers are easier to move around, so you can always take advantage of weather and other space qualities to make the best out of your small garden. You can nourish a dark space with shadow loving plants such as impatiens and Helichrysum, and transplant them to another side of the house once they’ve bloomed. If you’re planning to move out, you can even have your garden come with you!


Pots can set a stage and make the most dark and lonely corner of your house to shine. Take your spaces up a notch by filling them with the most beautiful flowers, herbs and vegetables: containers lined with precision can make the best decoration you can find while being removable, replaceable, cheap, natural and harmonic. If you group them in strategic ways, the can break the monotony of a space or make it more elegant and classy. If you want to take it even further, you can choose a color scheme and create a garden based on it, especially on winter where greens can create a whole different vibe inside the house.


Sometimes plants require a longer growing season that your space can offer, especially when seasons change, so starting to grow them indoors to keep them warm in the winter might be a great way to have a successful transition to the main garden once the sun is back. If you have frost-sensitive plants, you can save them during the cold days and place them back once the season is over, and if you have invasive plants, containers can hold them off.

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