A Short Guide to Indoor Gardening

There are a lot of reasons to start an indoor garden. Maybe you want to grow summer plants and have to keep them away from the harsh winds of winter, or maybe you just don’t have an outdoor garden at all. Whatever the reasons, you can still enjoy the greatness of home-grown vegetables, or even just ornamental beauties while staying indoors. Though indoor gardens can be trickier and more difficult to take care of than outdoor gardens, there’s still a possibility for anyone intent on having their own little green space regardless of access to the outside. All you need is a little planning, a lot of enthusiasm, and patience:

Be Conscious of Sunlight

The first step toward building an indoor garden, is taking note of where the sun comes through. Designating a specific space in your home for your plants, will give you an idea of what varieties you can get. Sure, you could limit yourself to only getting plants that thrive in the shade, but if you want a diverse garden, you need to know where sunny plants should go or you even could acquire some that require indirect sunlight. Just remember to ask or research preferred sun exposures before making any purchases.

Know Which Plants to Get

Speaking of species, really take the time to research before committing to any variety. This is one of those time when you shouldn’t be getting something just because it looks pretty. If a plant can’t thrive in the environment you can provide, you’ll be killing it and it will never be as beautiful or healthy as you’d like it to be. Research online or go to your local nursery-garden and ask for information, experience gardeners love to help and share their knowledge.

And Don’t Forget to Water

Unless you’re filling your house with cacti, you’re going to have to water your plants frequently. Indoor plants don’t benefit from rains, so they depend entirely on you to get the water they need. You can set up a schedule or create a ritual around watering your plants. The only thing you have to keep in mind is how often each variety needs to be watered. Overdoing it, leads to a host of issues like unwanted insects, or fungi in the soil, and they can completely hurt your plants and ruin your garden.

Keep a Watchful Eye

The easiest way to have a beautiful indoor garden is by getting to know your plants. Live with them, observe them, and really get to know what’s good for them and what bothers them. Some plants enjoy the sunlight while others start to lose their perkiness when exposed to it. Some like it when you sing to them and pay attention, while others would like to be completely left alone. Really get to know what works best with them and learn how to provide the environment that they need. This can even help you become more aware of what goes on around you.