Can Plants the


Basic Senses?

Preserve Cucumbers

How to Preserve Cucumbers From Your Own Garden?

Pickled cucumbers have long been a popular snack. More than 4,000 years ago, people began fermenting their cucumbers in brine. The fact itself has not changed until today, only the recipes have become more sophisticated. In Central and Eastern Europe, these delicacies are still enjoyed by many and preserving self-harvested vegetables has always been prevalent.

Can Plants Have the Basic Senses

Can Plants Have the Basic Senses?

The new research has shown that plants may have consciousness. Some modern ultra-sensitive devices have been able to detect that plants distinguish people, they are sensitive to music, have memory, and respond to strong emotions such as hatred and love. It is also believed that plants can feel pain, joy, or even fear. Classical Music

Everything You Need to Know About Guerilla Gardening

In the 1970s, you would have seen numerous people who cared about the environment and had a green thumb going on a mission. That mission was guerrilla gardening. You might have heard of it before. It’s the practice where people would take neglected and unused area and turn them healthy, beautiful, and green. When guerrilla